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Screwdriver Bits

Screw Driver Bits

Screw driver bits-Sharp tools co offers a wide range of bits for pneumatic and electrical screwdrivers. The bits fix all standard pneumatic screw drivers (1/4” hex) and electrical screw drivers (shank dia 4 and 5 mm). The bits are made of S2 steel and are available in various sizes, eg, Phillips, flat, Allen, Torx, etc, and length in 25 to 200 mm. Nut runners (bit sockets) are also available in sizes from 5 mm A/F to 14 mm A/F and in length from 75 to 200 mm. Also available are various assembly tools for, eg, torque wrenches, attachments to torque wrench, reversible ratchets, pliers, universal sockets, ball Allen keys, etc.