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Allen Key Socket
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Hole Saw Cutter
King Tony Hand Tools
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King Tony Hand Tools

King Tony Hand Tools


The Brand vision of KING TONY is the tool expert who provides the best service. Our brand targeted the professional assembling and maintenance market. We don’t use low price competition with general tools factory and compete with general channel brand. Our strategy of brand developing is focus on “manufacturing with superior services”.


Our price position is “first class product and reasonable price”. KING TONY has sufficient ability of professional manufacturing and provides all necessary assistance related to technical consultation. We have more than twenty thousand product items to meet the customer one-stop shopping’s demand.

The final goal of KING TONY is let the customers have the best comfort and safety to increase work efficiency. KING TONY provides all the services, so let customers feel trusty responsibility and the guarantee of using our products. KING TONY makes a promise to customers forever which is “You will feel safe when you use the KING TONY tools”.